George Bass School

Support, Independence, Community

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Our Executive

Principal- Peter Skinner  B.A Dip Ed (Primary) M.A (Special Education)

Peter has taught and provided leadership in a number of special education settings over the last 16 years. Prior to becoming Principal of George Bass School, Peter was Principal of Mary Brooksbank School in Rosemeadow. He also spent time working as an Assistive Technology consultant for Disability Programs in the DEC. Peter was a leader in the team that developed the Holroyd/Mary Brooksbank School's numeracy program in 2009 and has been a regular presenter at the NSW Special Education Conference hosted by SEPLA.

Assistant Principal- Toula Finka  B. Education M.A. (Special Education) 

Toula has taught and led school improvement in a wide range of special education settings over the last 17 years, including special schools and support classes. She comes to George Bass School from her role of Assistant Principal at Yagoona Public School.   Over this time Toula has been involved in a range of programs that have involved leadership development and community engagement. She also has taken pride in success and community participation that has resulted from her Art Exhibition, and School Fetes. 

Assistant Principal- Pamela Carter B. Teaching B. Special Education M.A.(Child and Adolescent Welfare).

Pamela has a wealth of experience in both special settings and in mainstream school settings. She comes to George Bass School having had significant experience in a relieving role as Assistant Principal and as a classroom teacher at Mary Brooksbank School. Throughout 2012-13 Pamela was a leader in a cross schools Every Student, Every School project that developed units of work to support special educators engage students in appropriate Literacy content. She also developed a website to showcase and expand the use of the work she completed. Pamela is also a Triple P (Positive Parenting Partnerships) trainer, a skill she looks forward to implementing at George Bass.

Assistant Principal - Tara Dang  B.Computer Science Dip Ed. M.A.(Special Education)

Tara has taught in high school settings, in special education settings in support classes as well as in special schools, where she has had a majority of her experience. Tara comes to George Bass School from Mary Brooksbank School where she was a classroom teacher and technology coordinator. Tara has experience and expertise in working with a range of technology as well as in implementing the curriculum for students with disability. She also looks forward to using her skills in technology to give students access to methods for communication, particularly with the use of touch technology, iPads and interactive switch use.

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