George Bass School

Support, Independence, Community

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Our School

George Bass School was opened at the beginning of 2014. We are a purpose built school, with specialised facilities designed to support our students and provide a range of learning experience in a safe environment.

We offer high-quality educational programs for students with special needs from their early years through to the end of high school. The school provides quality curriculum access with accommodations and adjustments for all students on an individualised basis. Students attend this school following placement and recommendations from a regional panel. All students have a primary intellectual disability, students may have secondary and multiple disabilities. 

Teachers in our school implement the K-6 curriculum and the K-12 life skills curriculum from the New South Wales Board of Studies Syllabus documents and courses. All students work towards the School Certificate and Higher school certificate. Students at all stages of learning work towards a personalised learning plan that is negotiated with parents and carers.

Classes in our school are organised by the students' age and by each student's individual learning needs. Each class at George Bass School is staffed with a teacher and a school learning support officer (SLSO) to support our student's learning and healthcare requirements.