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Principal's Message


2020 was my first year as principal at George Bass School and it has been amazing to continue the work done by the previous, highly regarded principal, Peter Skinner. While change can be difficult for some people, it is thought to be an opportunity for growth and development by others. This optimistic view of change is held by many staff and community members of GBS and I am looking forward to working together as a team to make a great school even better. 

2020 kind of got lost in the COVID-19 ordeal, and didn't give me a great deal of time to think about how the future might look for George Bass School, but as we end our current planning cycle and embark on the next, we are working together to find our new directions. 

2020 saw the school go through its first External Evaluation process which was hugely beneficial and helped to shape our new pathway towards excellence. 

Although limited in what we were able to provide during 2020, the students still achieved success in many areas and showed their resilience and ability with all that was thrown their way. The achievements and opportunities are due to the combined efforts of very dedicated, professional teachers, highly supportive SLSOs, amazing administrative staff who facilitate our endeavours, and the valued partnerships of our parents and community. It is a privilege to lead and be part of such a great school community and I thank everyone for their valued contributions to the school throughout 2020. 

Louise Gomersall